The Floating Garden: Meet The Water Vessel That Will Grow Its Own Vegetables And Fruits

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It’s not exactly easy to grow your own fruit and veggies aboard a yacht, but one design studio just sprouted a novel solution.

3deluxe recently unveiled a new superyacht concept at the Monaco Yacht Show that looks to be a gardener’s dream. The design, known as VY.01, is practically a floating garden fit for the high seas. Billed as a “paradisiacal biotope,” the vessel comes complete with a greenhouse and vegetable garden that allows budding green thumbs to cultivate their own produce on board. Fresh fish can also be captured from the ocean, allowing seafarers to be entirely self-sufficient.

The superyacht itself appears to be just as green as the verdant plant life. The studio says it is equipped with a hydrogen fuel cell system and electric propulsion for cruising sans CO2 emissions, noise and vibrations. The streamlined silhouette, meanwhile, ensures minimal resistance to the wind and waves for greater efficiency and seakeeping. Elsewhere, the vessel sports rooftop solar panels to generate clean energy for things like the seawater desalination system that provides additional water needed for the plants.

The eco-friendly ethos even extends to construction. According to 3deluxe, the materials could be supplied by a selection of pioneering steel and aluminum manufacturers in Norway and Germany, who use renewable energy throughout production to reduce emissions. The studio also says the actual build could be optimized in a similar fashion to keep it as sustainable as possible. In an ideal scenario for the studio, the future-proof workflow would be adopted by the entire industry to reduce the environmental impact of superyacht builds.

Even without its eco credentials, VY.01 is still one luxurious superyacht with what sounds like a lot of Feng Shui. The wheelhouse has been unconventionally situated at the bow to allow the open sundeck behind it to flow seamlessly through to the spacious interior. With greenery aplenty, the open-plan living space encourages guests to move from inside to the outdoors seamlessly. The exterior is no slouch, either, since it features a sizable saltwater pool and accompanying marina with direct access to the sea.

While VY.01 is just a concept at this stage, it appears to have the potential to be a game-changing vessel.


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