Crime: DCI In Hot Pursuit Of An Elected ‘Killer’ MP.

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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is warning Hon Didmus Barasa, who has since gone into hiding after the brutal murder of one Brian



Olunga, to surrender to the nearest police station within the next 6-hours.




Hon Barasa, is wanted for the cold blooded murder of Brian, whom he shot on the forehead killing him on the spot, on Tuesday, August 8, at Chebukwabi in Kimilili, Bungoma county.



A specialized team of sleuths based from the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau and the Homicide department has been dispatched to augment the teams on the ground for his manhunt.




Serious action will be taken against any person/s found to be harbouring the murder suspect. #FichuakwaDCI 0800 722 203





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