MoE To Offer Support To 2021/2022 KCSE Students who Scored between Grades C(plain) and D+ (plus) Under these Courses

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With  a total number of candidates who took the national exam, it is only 145,145 candidates who took the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education



(KCSE) 2022 exam received recognition marks based on the results announced by the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, George Magoha, on Thursday June 2.




Number of students mentioned above in the exam,posted  a C + score in the national exam, about 700,000 students lost this mark.





Equally students who got a score of D or higher got a second chance at higher education with certificate and diploma courses.


The graduates who receive a C and C deducted after the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program can enroll in diploma courses at both 31 state institutions.






In addition,a total of  495,686 candidates with D + scores and below can apply for certificate program courses for those with D and above, and art certificates for those with D scores plus and below.




Cs  Magoha stated in a statement that the number of candidates who got the lowest TVET diploma degree in C and higher in 2021 is 325,896 (39.27%).




As we need to invest more in TVET schools where most of the KCSE graduates are studying. Students with lower C + scores can also apply for tertiary and TVET placements with the Kenya University and College Central Placement Center (KUCCPS).




The students who will be enrolled in higher education and tertiary institutions are eligible for government sponsorship through the Higher Education Loan Board (HELB).





Equally finding is that the head of placement in higher education based on group scores in each subject, candidates can use their resources by enrolling in bridge courses in the subjects required to join certain courses.




The education system in Kenya allows students who have a score below D to pursue a degree, or even a master’s degree and PhD.




Immediately after graduation, students can enroll in diploma courses. In Kenya, diploma courses last for 2 to 3 years depending on the discipline and institution.

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