Teachers’ Medical Scheme, AON Turns Too Bitter For Them To Swallow.

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Teachers Medical Scheme has consistently proved too bitter for teachers to swallow to heal.

The Teachers cry has been so loud concerning the  medical scheme provided by their employer TSC. They say the scheme is a pain in the neck as the services provided are way below average. Something, they say, authorities have stubbornly failed to address over time.

Aon or Minet medical scheme for teachers was introduced in 2015 which saw teachers automatically lose their medical allowances.

However, this medical scheme,. which is Paid for them has proven to be disastrous as teachers are restricted to access services in specific medical facilities even though teachers feel they should be at liberty to enjoy the luxury of choice since they spend so much on monthly basis.

To top it all some of the said facilities do not have required and sufficient medicine and teachers are compelled to dig deeper into own pockets to purchase prescribed drugs from local chemists  thus spending more which is contrary to the expectations.

The problems with the teacher’s medical scheme are not coming to an end any time soon because when vocal teachers try to raise the issue so that it can be solved they are threatened and some have even been unceremoniously and maliciously transferred as a result.

While addressing the issue, teachers, on social platforms have unequivocally condemned both the services and the employer, TSC.

“Poor management by the employer on bliss medical facilities offering services to teachers has contributed a lot to the problems of the AON medical scheme.” wrote a teacher

“The teacher service commission should do something to ensure that we, the employees get better services equivalent to our money or better still, scrap off the teachers’ medical scheme which has become a pain in the neck of teachers. For how long must we regret this.” Lamented another who sought anonymity.

An evidently agitated teacher wrote, “The commission also should stop threatening us because we have raised our concerns over the scheme. Teachers should not be transferred based us addressing some of these matters, especially the way the medical scheme is being managed.”

“Teachers should also be given the freedom to choose a medical facility of their choice where they can be treated using the medical scheme without necessarily restricting them to certain hospitals.” Remarked another teacher.

Lastly, “Teachers should feel free to raise their concerns about the medical scheme without fearing for their jobs. The fear of being intimidated through unwarranted transfers to distant and remote places, sometimes hostile grounds having raised our concerns shouldn’t be so at all.”  Concluded Mr. X.

Teachers are now seeking alternatives, though tougher ones to have their issues addressed with the government of this country. The hope being, one day, things will be better.

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